Reshaping Landscapes

Reshaping our landscapes

Māori are in an unprecedented position to take a lead in the future they wish to create for their whānau, hapū and iwi. The first explorers came to this country as doers, initiators and builders. They established themselves in Aotearoa as tangata whenua, defined by their connection to the whenua, moana and whakapapa. The connections we have inherited from our tūpuna continue to guide our journeys to the distant horizon.

Throughout the Greater Wellington region, Māori are traversing new territory, revealing unseen pathways, and pushing boundaries. Today it is as digital warriors, investors and operators in numerous aspects of the value chain, business, and economic and social development.

The purpose of this strategy is to bring together an economic vision for Māori in Te Ūpoko o Te Ika- the Greater Wellington region. Firstly, the strategy provides a point of co-ordination for the already significant economic activity underway at local, regional, iwi and organisational levels. Secondly, it speaks to the opportunities available to develop fresh ideas within collaborations that resonate with Māori aspirations, worldviews and values.

Although it is called an economic development strategy, in Te Ao Māori all things are interconnected. A prosperous and well balanced Māori economy creates healthy whānau; healthy whānau contribute to a thriving environment; a thriving environment forms the backdrop to a developing economy, and so on.

The strategy seeks to align with, enable, and support other local strategies and initiatives. It is not our intention to duplicate or take over work programmes and plans already in place, but rather to add value to the priorities. Mā tou rourou, mā tōku rourou, ka oti ai te mahi.