Iwi, Māori collectives and Māori business growth

The transfer of assets from Treaty of Waitangi settlements continues to enhance the platform for iwi economic evelopment. As partners with the Crown, there are numerous opportunities to deliver positive impact to Māori in Te Upoko o Te Ika. Alongside iwi, Māori businesses and collectives also have a critical role as vehicles to generate sustainable growth through effective utilisation of Māori assets and people in ways that are consistent with te ao Māori. Existing Māori SME’s and entrepreneurs need targeted support and new clear pathways to rapidly expand the next generation of young Māori entrepreneurs.

Sr. No.Key actionsTimeframes
1Establish greater regional social procurement capacity and processes to facilitate Māori job creation.1–3yrs
2Promote Māori ‘Business to Rangatahi’ networks to encourage rangatahi to learn about business and enterprise and connect with local Māori operators1–3yrs
3Empower Māori business networks to deliver value to their members1–3yrs
4Develop a more cohesive Māori business support service to nurture and grow Māoripreneurship1–3yrs
5Develop and support key Māori industry strategies for the region, starting with Tourism and IT/Technology1–3yrs

Drivers and enablers: Māori business networks, iwi, Māori businesses and organisations, Chamber of Commerce, Wellington NZ, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE), Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Te Puni Kōkiri, Wellington Region FOMA, Māori Womens’ Development Inc.

Key outcomes:
Connected to:
Measures of success:

Minimum of 3% total contracts by local and central government across the region are held by Māori businesses

50% of all Māori businesses are connecting with rangatahi either via internships, work experience, mentoring

Sustainable funding established for all active Māori business networks across the region

All iwi have management plans of their own making and have working relationships across sectors and industries to enable achievement

Sustainable pathways for successful Māori business startups and entrepreneurs established

Sustainable funding for Māori economic development with successful collaborations across local and central government

Māori strategies in place and operating for tourism and IT/Technology